My bees, a couple years ago

Crab Creek Review published a story I wrote called "At the Side of the Road," in their 2015 Volume 2 issue. Another good journal published one of my short stories in July 2015. That story appeared under a pen-name, because when you live in a very small community sometimes fiction can hew a bit too close to real life.

An essay called "Locked Out" was in the Summer 2013 issue of Creative Nonfiction.

"Exposure," below, appeared in Quiddity in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue. Quiddity is a print journal and radio program that is a collaboration between NPR and Benedictine University. A recording of me reading "Exposure" can be found on the Quiddity website: Go to the Contributors page and scroll down until you find my name, then click the Play icon.

In Summer 2016 I completed a first draft of a novel for children of about 10 to 12 years old, and I'm letting it season for a while so that I can figure out if it has a fatal flaw. A few of the story's characters are native people from the Salish Sea region, and I don't feel I can move forward with the book without having conversations with native people who work on cultural preservation. So that's a project.

Meanwhile, I'm carving time out of a busy 2017 to continue working on an adult literary novel.


Pry open the impervious day
hunt for a tool that isn't there
maybe the engine's flooded
Try letting it rest
but the blueberries are overheating
where we covered them with sweatshirts
Lift the buckets out again,
set them under cedar in the shade
Lean on the hood, wait for someone to come

Claire says a falcon's been hunting all week in her garden
but she can't stop feeding the smaller birds
just because some become food
Robin trapped in the blueberry net
wingbeats unraveling lines of alarm
the story of its helplessness spread wide
for any preying yellow eye
an easy read